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This guy’s voice sounds like molasses climbing out of a barrel.


Time Slice by Richard Silver

The idea behind the “Time Sliced” Project was to photograph iconic world buildings at sunset and capture the changing light from day to night in a single image. Experimenting with a few different kinds of processes I came up with the “Sliced” idea. I decided to Slice time and light showing the progression of the day from left to right.

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Sketchy watercolors tattoos by Petra Hlavackova

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Call your mother. Tell her you love her. Remember you’re the only person who knows what her heart sounds like from the inside.
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The best clouds

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Adult things arent NEARLY as complex as I thought they were growing up I just walked into bank of america and said im here to open a checking account and they said ok and opened me a checking account

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Only be with someone who you think you can learn from. They should be smarter than you in certain ways so that you can continue to grow and be interested. Above all, you should undoubtedly be proud that you are with them.
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Bitch please, I can totally match Ariana Grande’s vocal range. Just throw a cockroach at me

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